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Servant Souls RC Membership Application


DOCUMENTATION: Your documentation of being in the emergency medical system must accompany your application. These are acceptable forms of identification and documentation: ACLS, PALS, CPR, professional license or any other Certificates of Qualification that you feel exhibit your qualifications into the Servant Souls membership. Please do not send originals! We will file your documents in your own personal file folder and hold for others to authenticate if ever questioned. No copies will be made of your documents.

I, (Print your name) _____________________________

am applying for membership into the Servant Souls Riding Club. By signing this application I am declaring that any information that I have provided including documentation is truthful and authentic. I give my consent to the Servant Souls RC to perform a criminal background and public records check at their expense. 

Why are you looking to join the Servant Souls and what do you feel you can bring to the club.

Thank you for you intrest in the Servant Souls RC

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